Limited Edition EP - 'BETA'


Image of Limited Edition EP - 'BETA'


Everything about this EP marks the transition between 'Synaesthesia' and 'KYROS' and all that has happened to lead to this point in our journey as a band.

Purchase a copy of our first independent release, 'BETA' and know that EVERY SINGLE PENNY goes to us to fund our next album, 'Vox Humana'. Your purchase will go towards the recording, pressing, promotion and distribution costs.

Your help is making our dream of putting out this album come true. An album which we have worked very hard on and we are hugely excited for you guys to hear.

'BETA' contains three tracks from the upcoming album in their current formats, as well as three DEMOS from the first album.


1) Cloudburst
2) The Lamb, the Badger & the Bee
3) Technology Killed The Kids II
4) Life's What You Make Of It (Demo)
5) Good Riddance (Demo)
6) When the Clock Strikes Twelve (Demo)

Produced by KYROS
Mixed and mastered by Adam Warne


Image of Limited Edition EP - 'BETA'