Vox Humana (CD)

Vox Humana (CD)

A culmination of approximately three years of writing, recording and mixing with efforts from all members; Shelby Logan Warne on vocals, keyboards and mixing, Joey Frevola on guitars and programming, Sam Higgins on vocals, guitars and additional programming, Peter Episcopo on vocals and bass guitar and Robin Johnson on drums and percussion are proud to present Vox Humana as KYROS’ first professional release as a band since transitioning from a solo studio project whilst signed to GEP Records.

The album also features a full live brass section with parts arranged by Raymond Hearne, better known as the drummer in the progressive metal band, Haken. Mastering of the album was expertly undertaken by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios (Haken, DragonForce and Opeth) in Sweden.

Track listing for ‘Vox Humana’:

CD1 / The Maker:
1. Vox Humana (0:28)
2. Technology Killed the Kids II (7:41)
3. Cloudburst (6:02)
4. Persistence of Vision (5:49)
5. The Lamb, the Badger & the Bee (6:41)
6. New Paradigm (8:58)

CD2 / The Human Voice:
1. Mind Electric (5:53)
2. Speak to Me (4:22)
3. Persistence of Perfection (4:59)
4. Monster (4:50)
5. Hounds (3:08)
6. The Darkness Grove (3:12)
7. Boiling Point (5:53)
8. Ego (5:02)
9. Dilate (8:17)

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